The easiest way to keep your car in perfect condition is to make it proper maintenance in order to experience a smooth running. This is why the Cool Car Air Conditioning offers logbook servicing in Campbelltown for all makes and models. A logbook servicing is a maintenance carried on your car to ensure your car operates at peak performance. Cool Car Air Conditioning is a family owned business running for the past 20 years and our team is dedicated to offering logbook servicing Campbelltown according to the exact specifications of the manufacturer. We specialized in offering full vehicle diagnostics and fault coding services with our integrated high-tech automatic scan tool which covers almost every make of the car.

The logbook servicing Campbelltown from Cool Car Air Conditioning is a comprehensive service that makes sure your vehicle is operating safely and reliably, just as a manufacturer intended. The services include all parts, replacing full synthetic engine oil, filters, flushing brakes, servicing transmissions, cooling systems to test the capacity of your charging system and much more.  Our well trained professional will perform all the required services and safety checks in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. We have only hand pick technicians who work on your vehicle to ensure your warranty will not get affected. In case there is need to replace the worn out parts, our team uses only genuine parts in all our logbook services in Campbelltown. This makes sure that your car gets the supreme quality service and parts.

Why Cool Car Air Conditioning for logbook servicing in Campbelltown:

  • Cool Car Air Conditioning will not violate your manufacturer’s warranty
  • We strictly follow all the procedures suggested by the vehicle manufacturer
  • We only use genuine parts or original parts for logbook services.
  • Once we are done with our services, we will stamp your logbook as a regular maintenance.

Get your logbook servicing at Cool Car Air Conditioning center to maintain your new car warranty. For further details, call us at 0403883061.