Cool Car Air Conditioning in Campbelltown empowers car owners to significantly cut down on maintenance and repair costs, time, energy and money to solve various problems and other experiences which are frustrating and involved with vehicle dealings thus providing cost-effective advice, tools and recommendations.

If your car is having a warning light on your dashboard? It is the first indication that  your car is having a potential problem. The best approach is to consult a professional if you observe various symbols lighting up. These symbols are tough to decipher but if you get to the root of the problem, then need to run a full diagnostics check which pinpoints the issue exactly. We came across many drivers who ignore the lights hoping that the problem will go away because they are worried about the cost of the repair. At Cool Car Air Conditioning,we are always happy to connect to our car diagnostics computer and check your car unlike other garages without additional charge in Campbelltown.  We strongly believe that diagnostics of the car is simply a part of identifying the problem without additional payments from the customers.

Why Cool Car Air Conditioning:

  • We safely maximize power, torque and efficiency, focusing on providing reliable and exciting results to for every one of our customers and their vehicles.
  • Expert technicians specialized in Electronic fuel injection and carburetor tuning and diagnosis.
  • Well equipped Workshop providing services using state of the art mainline 2wd dynamometer, providing services, diagnose, repair and upgrade your vehicle.
  • Carry out Dyno runs to inspect the performance, state of tune and economy.
  • Provide advise and recommend on various options to repair or enhance your vehicle.
  • Provide dyno graphs to show the level of vehicle improvement.
  • Checking Speedo calibration for vehicles and electronic calibration adjustments for selected vehicles.
  • Stimulate and diagnose on road faults in the safety and confinement.
  • We are specialized in providing Economy checks via Data logging fuel trims and other various inputs and outputs to and from the vehicles. We can accurately see if there are any underlying issues causing performance/economy concerns.

Our team aims to provide the best service to all of the friends and families drive on these Campbelltown’s roads and keep everybody safe in their travels.
Do you have a warning light on your dash, don’t know what it means? Is your car running a bit rough lately?
Let us help you understand any fault codes you may be experiencing with your vehicle. We are equipped with advanced tools to deal with any makes & Models of the car.