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The Number One Air Conditioner Compressor Service When your vehicle’s air conditioner compressor starts to fail, your vehicle ac parts will show warning signs meant to alert you that there is a problem.

What is an Air Conditioner Compressor?

The air conditioner compressor is responsible for the pressurizing and distribution of refrigerant.

Common Air Conditioner Compressor Issues

Keep in mind: If there seems to be an issue with your vehicle’s air conditioner compressor, the rest of your AC system will be affected. Here are more common symptoms of a failing air conditioner compressor.

Higher Temperatures

The first symptom to recognize a failing AC compressor, is higher-than-normal heat temperatures within the vehicle. When a damaged compressor is failing, it will no longer function properly, as the flow of refrigerant is unable to regulate cool air flow.

Loud Noises

When you activate your car air conditioner, the system lets out a sound, letting you know it’s running. However, when your air conditioner compressor is damaged, you will hear your system let out louder noises when running.


Refrigerant helps your air conditioning unit convert warm air into cool air throughout the inside of your vehicle. When the refrigerant liquid runs out, your AC will only blow warm air. 

For replacing any part of your vehicle’s air conditioning systems, or any other car air conditioning repairs, we got you covered.

How We Can Help

The team at Cool Car Air Conditioning acknowledge the importance of a healthy, high-functioning car air conditioning system. That is why our skilled air conditioning specialists are dedicated to keeping you cool wherever you go. If you’re in need of any further car air conditioning repairs, we are glad to help.

We are looking forward to hearing from you. Contact Cool Car Air Conditioning for a quote and friendly advice.

Contact Cool Car Air Conditioning for a quote and friendly advice.
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