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TX Valve – Cool Car Air Conditioning

Vehicle Air Conditioner TX Valve

Does your car air conditioner feel like it’s just not working as well as it should be? Does the cooling pressure feel too low, while the heating seems to flow too high, despite your heat settings? The issue can be with the Thermal Expansion Valve.

What is a TX Valve?

The thermal expansion valve, or TX Valve is one of the key components in regulating the refrigeration levels in your vehicle. The TX valve controls the amount of refrigerant released into the evaporator, when the driver controls the cooling and heating settings within the vehicle.

Common TX Valve Issues

When something doesn’t seem right with your vehicle’s air settings, it is likely due to issues with your thermal expansion valve.


Flooding occurs when the TX valve feeds the evaporator too much of the refrigerant than it can handle at once. When too much refrigerant is fed to the the evaporator faster than it could evaporate, this can eventually damage the compressor—causing the compressor to freeze, make noise, and allow low superheat (less refrigerant evaporation than needed).


Starving is the opposite to flooding. Starving occurs when the refrigerant is not able of reaching the evaporator, causing the evaporator to overload. When the evaporator is overloaded, it has to operate at high and unstable temperatures, or can cause low pressure.


Hunting occurs when the TX valve malfunctions when opened or closed too fast. The problems are caused when too much or too little refrigerant is allowed to flow through the vents, causing heat to fluctuate at unstable levels. Starving and Flooding symptoms are also symptoms of hunting, including; load issues, pressure issues, and evaporation issues.

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How We Can Help

The team at Cool Car Air Conditioning acknowledges the importance of a healthy, high-functioning car air conditioning system. That is why our skilled air conditioning specialists are dedicated to keeping you cool wherever you go. If you’re in need of any further car air conditioning repairs, we are glad to help.

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