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R12 To R134a Conversion – Car Aircon Regas



Cool Car has invested in equipment to allow a specially developed R12 replacement gas to be used known as R134a and have already carried out many conversions to a range of vehicles, including:

  • 1988 Volvo 240
  • 1984 Porsche 928s
  • 1979 BMW 323i
  • 1982 Ford XE
  • 1991 Toyota Japanese import

R12 to R134a refrigerant conversion (regas)

This service takes around 90 minutes and includes:

  • Recovery and measurement of any remaining refrigerant in the system
  • System pressure leak test
  • Filter/Drier Replacement
  • Deep vacuum
  • Correct refrigeration oil and dye charge*

  • Re-gas with R134a refrigerant
  • System test, in-car delivery temperature measurement, fit service label

  • Retro-fit charging ports

* Additonal charges may apply

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    Upgrade Your Vehicle’s Cooling System with R12 to R134a Conversion

    Cool Car Air Conditioning is a reliable partner for car cooling solutions. Welcome. Do you still run your car’s air conditioning system on antiquated R12 refrigerant? Time to move to R134a for better efficiency, performance, and environmental friendliness. We provide a smooth conversion from R12 to R134a so your car remains cool and comfortable while driving. Let’s examine the advantages and upgrading procedure to R134a.

    Why Convert from R12 to R134a?

    Since R12, sometimes referred to as Freon damages the ozone layer, it has been phased out. Finding R12 refrigerant for car use is thus getting harder and more expensive. Besides, R134a has a few benefits over R12:


    Cool Car has invested in equipment to allow a specially developed R12 replacement gas to be used known as R134a and have already carried out many conversions to a range of vehicles, including:

    • Environmental Friendliness: With less of an ozone depletion potential (ODP) and a global warming potential (GWP) than R12, R134a is a more environmentally benign refrigerant.

    • Availability: Since R134a is commonly utilised and easily accessible in contemporary cars, maintaining your air conditioning system is less expensive and easier.

    • Compatibility: Most car air conditioner systems may be converted to R134a with ease and without requiring major changes.

    • Efficiency: Since R134a cools your car effectively, your air conditioning system will run at its best even in hot weather.

    Our R12 to R134a Conversion Service:

    Our speciality at Cool Car Air Conditioning is providing R12 to R134a conversion services to enable you to upgrade the cooling system in your car. You can anticipate the following from our conversion procedure:

    • Assessment: The air conditioning system in your car will be carefully inspected by our knowledgeable professionals to evaluate its state and decide whether the conversion is feasible.

    • Evacuation: With specialist equipment, we will safely remove the current R12 refrigerant from your system in order to get it ready for the switch.

    • Component Inspection: Key parts including the air compressor, air condenser, and hoses will be checked during the conversion process to make sure they are in good operating order and compatible with R134a.

    • Replacement and Retrofitting: Should it be needed, we will upgrade your system to accept R134a refrigerant and replace any incompatible parts.

    • Recharge: We’ll refill your air conditioner with R134a refrigerant to the manufacturer’s requirements after the conversion is finished, guaranteeing peak performance and cooling efficiency.

    • Testing: We’ll fully test the air conditioning system to make sure it’s running well and giving the right cooling effect before we return your car to you.

    Benefits of R12 to R134a Conversion:


    By switching to R134a, one can be sure that one is following the latest environmental laws and staying out of possible legal hot water.

    Cost Savings

    More reasonably priced and readily available than R12, R134a saves money on maintenance and repairs.

    Improved Performance

    Better cooling efficiency and performance than R12 make driving more comfortable with R134a.

    Peace of Mind in car

    Peace of Mind

    R134a gives you peace of mind because you know that the air conditioning system in your car complies with industry standards and is ecologically beneficial.

    Environmentally Responsible

    Switching to R134a lessens your environmental effect and helps to preserve the ozone layer.

    Improved Cooling Performance

    Many times, R134a systems can cool more efficiently than R12 systems.

    CoolCar’s Expertise in R12 to R134a Conversion

    CoolCar is aware of the complexity of car air conditioning systems. Carefully and precisely handling your R12 to R134a conversion is our staff of skilled professionals.

    Here’s what our conversion process entails:

    • Comprehensive System Evaluation: To find any problems already present and make sure your car’s AC system is ready for conversion, we extensively inspect it.

    • Thorough Cleaning: We carefully clean the system to get rid of pollutants and any leftover R12.

    • Component Replacement: Important elements like O-rings and seals are changed out for R134a-compliant ones.

    • Oil Change: We substitute synthetic oil appropriate for R134a for the mineral oil used in R12 systems.

    • Refrigerant Charge: We empty the system and add the right amount of R134a refrigerant.

    • Performance Testing: We put the system through a lot of testing to guarantee the best cooling effectiveness.

    • Beyond Conversion: Your One-Stop Shop for All Things AC for Your Car Your one-stop shop for all air conditioning needs for your vehicle is CoolCar Air Conditioning.

    • AC System Repairs: We identify and fix all kinds of AC system problems, including leaks and compressor problems as well as electrical ones.

    • Regular Maintenance: To maintain your AC system operating effectively and smoothly, we offer regular maintenance services.

    • Expert Advice: Our informed staff is always available to address your queries and offer professional guidance on how to keep the air conditioning system in your car operating properly.

    Stay Cool and Comfortable with CoolCar Air Conditioning

    Getting ready to convert R12 to R134a in your car’s cooling system? Set up a time or find out more about our conversion services by contacting Cool Car Air Conditioning right now. Our goal is to reduce your environmental effects while you drive cool.

    Contact Cool Car Air Conditioning for a quote and friendly advice.
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