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Mechanical Servicing Campbelltown

Our Mechanical Services

  • Log Book Servicing

  • Mechanical Repairs

  • Air-Conditioner Servicing

  • Air Conditioning Compressor Repairs
  • Air Conditioning hose repairs on most vehicle air conditioner and Climate Control Systems

  • Diagnostics & Repairs
  • Leaks Detection

Why Service My Car?

Most cars are driven daily and in only a few months that can often end up being many thousands of Kms driven. Not everyone appreciates the importance of servicing your cars regularly. Whether you have a brand-new vehicle or one that’s many years old, it is essential to service your vehicle regularly. Most vehicles should be serviced between every 10,000-20,000 Kms regardless of age.


Regular servicing of your vehicle can help identify problems in their early stages before turning into significant issues. When servicing your vehicle we perform essential safety checks of the breaking suspensions, tyres, and exhaust systems on your vehicle to ensure they will not fail. With regular servicing, you have peace of mind you should have many kms of trouble-free driving. When you are driving on the road every day you may feel your vehicle is running okay, but wear and tear does happen gradually over time, you might not feel or see any obvious change. For this reason, some motorists are lured into a false sense of security believing everything is fine because nothing seems to be wrong with their car. Regular maintenance of your vehicle is essential.

Prevent Malfunctioning and Increase Performance

Regular car maintenance often includes an oil change, fluid checks, tire pressure checks, and brake inspections. Diagnostic checks of the electrical system including the alternator, starter motor, and battery. By servicing your car regularly, you can help keep it in perfect condition. During the routine car servicing appointment, you can inform us about any specific concerns you have with your vehicle.

Helps Your Car to Retain Its Resale Value

Cars are usually ones most valuable assets, second only to the family home. Therefore, it is essential to protect your investment by regularly maintaining your vehicle. When the time to sell your car it will have a greater resale value worth more with a full-service history than a car without a full-service history.

Save Money

By choosing not to regularly service your vehicle as a way of keeping costs down will often eventually lead to spending more money further down the line to fix issues that may have been picked up or had been preventable with regular maintenance and servicing. For example, engine oil protects and lubricates all the moving components of an engine. Without replacing the oil regularly, the oil will degrade over time and will offer less protection for your engine. This can eventually cause engine failure and lead to expensive engine repairs. By taking simple steps by regularly servicing your vehicle, you can ensure your car will runs smoothly, have peak fuel performance, and reduce any likelihood of having a breakdown.
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