A/C Compressor Mercedes W166 GLE450-450R ML GL GLS 400 450 500 W222 W292


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Sourced from reputable manufacturers and wholesalers all over the world. Our A/C compressors come prefilled with oil, pre-installed clutch and pulley for easy installation. Vehicles occasionally have several compressor options for the same model. Please compare images to your original compressor to confirm suitability prior to purchase. Alternatively you can contact our friendly customer support team for assistance.

Part Number: CCA-31279

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Product Description

Brand Cool Car Air
Compressor ID 7SEU17C
Oil Fill Quantity 110 ml
Mounting Type Bolted
Number of Ribs 6 Grooves
Outlet Ø 13mm
Inlet Ø 28.4mm
Suits Mercedes-Benz
Replaces Denso
Belt Pulley Ø 110mm
Refrigerant R134a R1234yf

Compare Images Against Original Unit Or Search With OEM Part Number/s To Confirm Correct Fitment And Suitability.


This product is suited for:

Year Make Model
Year Make Model
2015 Mercedes-Benz GL-Class
2015 Mercedes-Benz M-Class
2015 - 2019 Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class
2015 - 2019 Mercedes-Benz S-Class
2016 - 2017 Mercedes-Benz G-Class
2016 - 2019 Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class

OE Numbers
0008303102 0008303202 0008303702 0008306200 0008306300 0008307100 0008307200 0008307400 0008308700 0022309211 0032302811 0032302911 0032306711 0032309011 0038302060 A0008302300 A0008303102 A0008303202 A0008303702 A0008303802 A0008306200 A0008306300 A0008307100 A0008307200 A0008307400 A0008308700 A0022309211 A0032302811 A0032302911 A0032305811 A0032306711 A0032309011 A0038302060
4471401991 4471401992 4471401993 4471402001 4471402002 4471402003 4471402020 4471402021 4471402022 4471402023 4471402024 4471402030 4471402031 4471602360 4471602361 4471602362 4471602363 4471602364 4471603411 4471603412 4471603414 4471603422 4471603423 4471603424 4471603425 4471604351 4471604352 4471604353 4471604361 4471604363 4471604532 4471604533 4471604541 4471604542 4471604543 4471604544 4471604551 4471604555 4471605322 4471605323 4471606602 4471606603 4471606605 4471606614 4471606793 4471607070 4471607071 4471607072 4471607073 4471607074 4471607075 4471607076 4471607077 4471607452 4471607453 4471607454 4471607456 4471607651 4471607652 4471607653 4471607654 4471607656 4471609751 4471609752 4471609753 4471609761 4471609762 4471609763 44716906605 4471696605 4472500210 4472500220 4472500221 4472501581 4472501660 4472603090 4472603091 4472603092 4472807792 4472807980 4472807981 4472807982 4472807983 4472809552 4472809553 471603425 DCP17148 DCP17151 DCP17157 DCP17176 DCP17177 DCP17191

Mercedes S-Class W222 S 400/S 450 4-MATIC
Mercedes S-Class W222 S 63 AMG
Mercedes S-Class W222 S 63 AMG 4-MATIC
Mercedes S-Class W222 S 65 AMG
Mercedes S-Class W222 S 500
Mercedes S-Class W222 S 500 4-MATIC
Mercedes GLE 400 4MATIC
Mercedes GLE 320 4MATIC
Mercedes GLE 43 4MATIC
Mercedes GLE 500 4MATIC
Mercedes GLE 63 4MATIC
Mercedes GLE 63 AMG S-MODELL
Mercedes W166 ML/GLE 250 CDI/D 4MATIC
Mercedes W166 ML/GLE 250 BLUETEC/D 4MATIC
Mercedes W166 ML/GLE 250 BLUETEC/D
Mercedes W166 ML/GLE 350 CDI/D 4MATIC
Mercedes W166 ML/GLE 350 BLUETEC/D 4MATIC
Mercedes W166 ML 300 4MATIC
Mercedes W166 ML/GLE 400 4MATIC
Mercedes W166 ML/GLE 350 4MATIC
Mercedes W166 ML/GLE 350
Mercedes W166 ML/GLE 400
Mercedes W166 ML/GLE 320 4MATIC
Mercedes W166 ML/GLE 450 SPORT AMG 4MATIC
Mercedes W166 ML 500/550 4MATIC / GLE 500/550 4MATIC
Mercedes W166 ML/GLE 63 AMG
Mercedes W166 ML/GLE 63 AMG S-MODELL
Mercedes W166 ML 300 4MATIC
Mercedes W166 ML/GLE 400 4MATIC
Mercedes W166 ML 500/550 4MATIC / GLE 500/550 4MATIC
Mercedes W166 GL/GLS 400 4MATIC
Mercedes W166 GL/GLS 450 4MATIC
Mercedes W166 GL/GLS 500 4MATIC
Mercedes W166 GL 450 4MATIC
Mercedes W166 GL 500/550 4MATIC / GLS 500/550 4MATIC
Mercedes W166 GL/GLS 63 AMG
Mercedes W166 GLS 63
Mercedes W166 GL/GLS 400 4MATIC
Mercedes W166 GL/GLS 450 4MATIC
Mercedes W166 GL/GLS 500 4MATIC
Mercedes W222 S 400 4-MATIC MAYBACH
Mercedes W222 S 600 MAYBACH
Mercedes W222 S 500 MAYBACH
Mercedes W222 S 500 4-MATIC MAYBACH
Mercedes S-Class Coupe C217

2015 For Mercedes-Benz C400 4Matic
2016-2019 For Mercedes-Benz Metris Base
2016-2019 For Mercedes-Benz GLE400 4Matic
2016-2018 For Mercedes-Benz GLE350
2016-2017 For Mercedes-Benz GLE300d 4Matic

  • Fitment
    We have Thousands of Part Numbers within our database for easy part/s identification. Simply enter your Original Part Number/s into the search bar and an instant match will often result. Images shown within our listings are for comparison purposes only. All genuine parts have the word “Genuine” in the title description. Any part branded as “Cool Car” in the product description is our own brand not OEM. Because there are often several options on some vehicles a Visual Comparison to your Original Part is Highly Recommended to avoid any possibility of purchasing the wrong part, It is the responsibility of the purchaser to determine if the listed part is correct for the intended purpose. If you are unsure, please contact our friendly support team prior to purchase.
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  • Warranty

    All new a/c parts come with a one year manufacturers warranty from the original date of purchase.

    Incorrect compressor installation procedures can damage your new unit and void your warranty. Please familiarise yourself with the following steps prior to installation.

    (1) Remove the original compressor, drain, measure and examine the oil. If there is any moisture, sludge, discoloration ( black or grey oil ) or metal particles present, the entire a/c system must be thoroughly flushed with an approved flushing agent prior to the installation of your new unit.

    (2) The receiver/drier or desiccant bag must be replaced. Failing to do this will void your warranty.

    (3) If your vehicle is equipped with an orifice tube it should be inspected and replaced if necessary.

    (4) Parallel flow condensers cannot be thoroughly flushed, if there is any contamination it must be replaced. Tube and fin condensers can be flushed and do not need replacing.

    (5) All our compressors come pre-filled with oil, it is advised that the oil from both compressors is drained and measured. Refill the new a/c compressor with the same amount of oil that was drained from your original unit. Or refill the compressor with oil to your vehicle manufacturers specifications. Make sure you use the correct type of compressor oil. (This information will often be located on a decal under the bonnet or on the radiator support panel.)

    (6) Once fitted, rotate the compressor clutch by hand a minimum of 10 times. A concentration of oil in the compressor can cause damage during the first initial start-up.

    (7) Once the system is flushed and new parts installed, the system should be evacuated for a minimum of 45 minutes to evaporate any remaining solvent or moisture.

    (8) Recharge your a/c compressor with the correct amount of refrigerant.

    (9) Any compressor returned for warranty purposes will be assessed as the root cause for it failing prior to a warranty claim being accepted. The buyer is responsible for the return shipping costs back to us.

    In the event you need to make a warranty claim, please attach a copy of your receipt from your licensed workshop clearly showing a new receiver/ drier or desiccant bag had been fitted to your vehicle at the time of compressor installation. If installation was not carried out by a licensed workshop you are required to provide us a copy of a verifiable receipt clearly showing a new receiver/ drier or desiccant bag suited to your vehicle had been purchased.

    We accept no liability for any consequential loss, damage, or any other associated costs. By purchasing from us you agree to these terms.

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